Reaching For Repose

My bones ache and sag,
Worn from years of working

In heavy bluegrass autumn air,
Destitute of care, of love,

Hollow through and through,
Lost in doldrums, desperate bloom,

Longing for the earth,
Reaching for repose.

I’m eager for leisure,
Yearning for the dirt,

For the ground gives fortune like no other,
Silence, too, and stillness,

And when it finds me,
As it finds us all,

I’ll be waiting, smiling,
Reaching for repose.


A Living Canvas

[Click to enlarge photos]

We recently spent some time at Panama City Beach with Chelsy’s family, thankfully tucked away from all the party goers and drunken teenage debauchery, and I caught this beauty of a sunset one evening. I can’t really add any words to supplement these pictures; I think they pretty much say everything.

It was lovely sleeping out beneath the stars and just feeling like a part of this marvelous living canvas.

If there’s one thing about Florida I will miss when we leave, it is moments like this. Nothing separating the water and the sky, flat horizon for miles in every direction, and every color represented in full vivid glory here.

This brought a tear to my eye, so I wanted to share that moment with you.

Wherever you are tonight, I hope your sunset is breathtaking.

And I love you.