Watcher on the Dock

Only dead fish, indeed.
I fight the stream,
Kicking, but weak,
Noodles for legs,
And my arms are useless,
My mouth is gone,
But the slits on my neck
Breathe fine,
Thank goodness for those.

I’mĀ sitting on a dock,
Holding a rod,
Watching this slimy fiend
Writhe up from the sand,
Emerging like a U-boat,
Dripping silt and seaweed,
Pink rubbery flesh
Stained red with clay.
I scream. I’m the only one that hears.

I’m standing in shallow water,
Bubbling around my ankles,
Naked and covered in river muck.
The slits on my neck meld
And a hole opens below my nose,
Widening until I can wrap my teeth
Around the watcher on the dock,
And I swallow him whole,
Not realizing what I’ve done.

This is what darkness feels like:
It’s wet and rough, and it echoes
If you put your lips to it and scream.
Some oily film strings off on my fingertips,
But then, it’s not oil. ItĀ is my fingers.
Gelatinous, I look straight through my hand
As it melts into the belly of the beast,
And my arm goes next, and I fall,
Try to catch myself with

Silver clouds break the disco moon,
Morse code, if I had to guess,
An urgent cry for help.
The cry comes from inside me,
And from the sky, all at once,
The universe bellows and I bark,
Find a sneaky itch behind my ear.
My stomach rumbles.
Something kicks inside me.

The other hand, god, what is this?
The weaker twin, I’m being absorbed.
My chest peels apart, layer after layer
Until my spine reaches the cold wall
And the skull is the last of me to go,
But somehow I’m still aware, I feel it all,
Right up to the back of my head,
And it’s just darkness, hungry darkness.
I am darkness, and darkness feels fine.

The water settles. No tide tonight.
I guess even the moon needs a vacation.
I grab what’s left of the dock,
Pull myself up, take hold of a vacant rod,
And that’s when I see something stirring,
Just out past the sand bar,
Some awful beastie, petulant,
Thrashing wild as it stands, shining pink flesh.
A mouth rips, jaws stretch, open wide

This is my revenge.
Darkness begets darkness.
I am the void, ravenous.
I am the pit at the center of the star.
Swallow against the struggle,
And feel my lips melt together.
My neck opens and gags, no water,
And I slip into the undertow, silent.
Only dead fish, indeed.